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Picture Obverse Picture Reverse NumberNumbers of the tokens

These numbers are made by "Joseph v. Pernicano".

1. The first 4 letters are a abbreviation of the country. 2. The next 4 digits are a city number. 3. The next capital letter is the letter designation for that particular token. 4. If there is a small letter then this is a variety. Small vars specified by me and not descripted by Joseph have a digit on the end of the number. 5. Tokens with "PTMS" ar tokens from manfacturers of parking systems and used in different places. 6. If I used ZZ in a number then I miss some information of the token.




1 the ptms tokens can be used in different countries.

then I place the tokens where the manufacturer is based

2 zz = unknown

CityCity of use

1 If there is a city name, then the token is made for that city

2 If the city is between ( ), then the manufacturer of that token is based in that city

3 zz is unknown

MetalMaterial of the token

A aluminium - B brass - Bi bi-metal - Bz bronze - K copper - P plastic - S steel - SS stainless steel - W wood - WM white metal / copper-nickel / nickel - Z zinc - zz unknown

Tokens with colours:

a aquamarine - b blue - d gray - e black - g green - h beige - i brown - o orange - p pink - r red - w white - y yellow - z purple
(example Pa is aquamarina plastic)
(example Wb is wood with blue inscriptions)

DiameterDiameter of the token in mm

1 if I have the token myself the diam is in 0.1 mm

2 if the token is from the book written by Joseph v Pernicano the diam is in mm.

3 I hope the other tokens reported by collectors are measured good

4 zz = unknown

HoleHole shape / position

Ch = center hole; the round hole is placed in the middle of the token.

Hole = a round hole usually on top of the token and mostly done by hand drilling.

Hx = hexagon shaped hole

Sd = solid; no hole.

Sl = slot shaped hole

Sq = square shaped hole.

Tr = triangle shaped hole.

AlignAlignment of the token

0 : Medal Alignment

6 : Coin Alignment

arge 3160 G delete = arge 3160 C
delite engl 3475 F misstake from Hayes this token does not excist
germ 3295 K parkautomatic farmont dusseldorf / IV (blank) Germany Dusseldorf Wm 33
germ pstm 3101 you can find some the following 3101 tokens in div. thicknesses. Used to test and finetune the meters
cana on 3770 Ab york central hospital (letters 2,5) parking / token (g has a serif) Canada Richmond Hill B 22.5
usa ptms 3070 L moved to ptms 3049 B
usa ptms 3070 T moved to ptms 3049 C
usa aa gate G gate = long - parcoa = 18mm / token = 15mm USA
usa ky 3255 A moved to ky 3150 E
usa aa gate I gate = long - parcoa = 17,3mm / token = 13mm USA
usa pstm 3001 AI (delete listing error)
zz ptun 3128 (attributed: ptms 3030 B) USA
zz ptun 3083 (attributed: mo 3785 A) USA
germ 3854 A (moved to aust 3785 A)
zz ptun 3139 (delete: not a parking token) USA
zz ptun 3141 (delete: not a parking token)
usa aa gate A gate = short - parcoa = 13mm / token = 11mm USA
usa aa gate B gate = short - parcoa = 14,3mm / token = 11,5mm / letters close to inner circl USA
usa aa gate C gate = short - parcoa = 13,6mm / token = 12,5mm / inner circle is thick USA
usa aa gate D gate = short - parcoa = 14mm / token = 11,5mm / letters not close to inner circle USA

1 2 3 .. -> .. 108


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